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Additionally, it is recognised as a unique tool for businesses to recruit, teach, and shape global education to meet their specific needs.

Unlike other technology education platforms, it also includes a variety of courses, including Web Development, Programming Languages, Game Development, Code Theory, Business, and Blockchain. Each course contains a video, puzzles, and challenges to solve. Bitdegree is also referred to as a community where members can connect with professionals to improve or acquire new skills.

As with all other similar platforms, you can create an account, select a course, and begin learning. Bitdegree’s core features include a free sign-up, a large number of advanced topics, blockchain rewards, an attractive and simple interface, and video tutorials.

11 Best Alternatives to Bitdegree

Google Web Fundamentals is a Google developer tool that aims to simplify the process of designing for a variety of platforms, from the web to mobile devices. is a free online resource for beginning programmers. It is designed specifically for those who want to learn how to code but are unsure where to begin. OpenCourseWare is a user-friendly platform for publishing all educational materials from the university’s graduate and undergraduate courses online, making them freely and openly accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. is a web-based platform that features a massive collection of web developer-related books, courses, and articles. is a web-based educational platform dedicated to coding enthusiasts. It features only high-quality coding courses in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, PHP, Node.JS, and Ruby, among others.

Coursera is a venture-backed, education-focused technology platform that provides over 2000 online courses for those seeking professional development.

TalentLMS is a cutting-edge LMS (learning management system) designed specifically for the purpose of training employees, partners, customers, and students.

CBT Nuggets is a web-based training application for IT professionals. It offers a variety of on-demand classes on topics such as Windows, Linux, Cyber Security, and all other aspects of information technology. is the world’s best web-based platform for learning creative skills such as coding, design, and photography, illustration, music, web design, game development, and business, among others.

Udemy is an online learning platform where experts can create and share paid courses and students can improve their skills.

LinkedIn Learning offers more than 16000 expert-led courses that can be used by anyone to enhance their skills and grow their career.

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