CloudTest allows you to perform load testing so as to ensure that your website or app is ready for sudden spike in the traffic

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CloudTest from Akamai is one of the largest, most scalable global load testing systems available, enabling you to swiftly assess if your business is prepared for success on the big day. It enables you to safely and precisely mimic your major events in production, while also providing a live review of what your site or app is capable of on the big day and assisting you in identifying the source of any performance bottlenecks.

It’s a potent mix of technology and expertise that enables you to employ load testing software as a service while receiving support from our best-in-class performance engineers, who collectively have more than 200 years of load testing experience.

CloudTest Features

  • CloudTest enables rapid test creation without requiring any coding knowledge and assists in obtaining a real picture of user experiences by demonstrating how your systems respond to abrupt increases in user activity.
  • Dynamic load control and the ability to discover, isolate, and correct bottlenecks in real-time enable you to test in production with confidence.
  • Collaborate with skilled performance engineers to develop, setup, and execute tests, as well as to obtain meaningful insights into test outcomes.
  • Plan for large promotions or sale days, live events, the release of popular content, the launch of a new game, or the live streaming of a match – all with solid end-to-end infrastructure capable of handling the flash crowds.
  • Address risks that could result in a loss of transactional or advertising revenue, decreased viewership, unfavorable customer experiences, or a negative perception of your brand.

16 Best Alternatives to CloudTest

LoadRunner Enterprise is a performance testing tool that allows Cross-enterprise performance testing for multiple and concurrent testing projects

WAPT is a performance and load testing tool for websites, mobile app, and web API’s

WebLOAD is the performance and load testing solution you need for scaling your business.

LoadNinja is a loads testing tool to diagnose web UI and API performance issues

StresStimulus is a load testing tool for websites, mobile and Enterprise apps

LoadComplete is a load testing application that enables the creation and execution of automated load tests for web servers and services.

The best developer tool to load test your web applications

Tsung is an open-source multi-protocol distributed load testing tool

LoadRunner Professional is the premium, market-leading performance testing solution for project teams.

Loadrunner Cloud is Cloud-based load and performance testing that is extremely scalable for agile and DevOps organizations

Loadmill is a SaaS-based platform for automated backend testing that enables you to develop and run API and load tests for your application.

Apache JMeter is an open-source software and a pure Java application for load testing and performance measurement

LoadFocus is a load testing for load testing your apps, websites, and API

k6 is a cutting-edge load testing tool that leverages our decades of experience in the load and performance testing business. is a completely free load testing tool that enables you to stress test your web applications and APIs with thousands of concurrent connections.

Load testing is a website testing tool to test the load on a website

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