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Google Analytics is an analytic tool to measure the effectiveness of your web applications. With this tool, you can monitor the traffic you are getting, track the traffic sources of your site and understand the progress of your website in various areas. This tool is extremely useful in order to reach out to your customers, try to identify the reasons behind the traffic fluctuations, and observe the actual behavior of the website. It basically turns web traffic into a graph, which is good for business intelligence

Google Analytics is available for all major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and many other free/paid browsers.

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics puts a line of code into your website. During on-site visits, the code records various types of activities that an individual does on your website, along with the attributes (such as age, gender, and interests) of that visitor.

Google Analytics can help you to track

  • Number of users who are currently online
  • How many pages people are exploring
  • How long people are staying on the website
  • How often users are returning to the website (Repeated customers)
  • Which websites are sending the traffic to your website
  • Which marketing efforts or campaigns are sending the traffic
  • Which visitors have visited your website and are converted to leads or customers
  • Factors that are affecting the website speed
  • How people are finding the content on the website
  • Popular pages on the website

Type of Reports Google Analytics offers

Audience Reports

These reports will help anyone to understand the insights like

  • Active users in the last 1, 7, 14, or 30 days
  • Lifetime value which a user generates to your business based on activities across multiple sessions
  • Drill down at the individual user behavior instead of the aggregate view

Advertising Reports

Advertising reports can help you to analyze online advertising spend

  • View various user metrics on advertising spent across many Google Ads campaigns
  • Analyze Video 360 and Display campaign data
  • Analyze search ads 360 data

Acquisition Reports

It used for comparing the efficiency of various marketing channels and discovering which sources are responsible for converting high-quality traffic.

Behavior Reports

In comparison to the entire web, the Behavior Overview report focuses on the individual pages of the site. It gives you a page views summary, specific page views, average page time, rate of bounce, and rate of departure. You may also verify how the contents are handled using URLs, names, terms of search, or events.

Conversion reports

Conversion reports will help you to understand how any goal you are tracking is achieved. You can: Monitor user activities on your website that demonstrate that you achieve a business goal (e.g purchase, newsletter signup, contact form submission, etc.)

Real-Time Reporting

The Real-Time Reporting from Google Analytics offers an overview of details about our online users, including the location of their sites, the number of spectators on our website, the traffic sources which have taken the viewers to your website, and more. This information is extremely useful for marketing purposes, and it is immensely helpful to access this data immediately.

Users Flow report

The User Flow report shows the routes that users have used through your website, source, pages and wherever they have left your site along their journey

10 Google Analytics Alternatives and similar sites.

The best Google Analytics alternatives based on verified reviews and community votes.

Latest update: August 17, 2022

Clicky is a web analytics tool that monitors, analyzes, and reacts to custom traffic.

StatCounter is a powerful real-time web analytics tool that understands, tracks, and analyses visitors

Woopra is a customer analytic platform that helps understand the customer through multiple contact points across different devices.

Looker is a cloud-based business intelligence platform designed to analyze and explore the data.

Chartbeat is a content analytics platform that can be used by agencies, media companies to monitor and optimize the content.

SmartLook is an analytics solution that provides Session recordings, heatmaps, events, funnels, analytics and reporting

Hotjar is an analytics tool which provides Heatmaps, Recordings, Surveys & More. Sign up for a 15-day free trial and start learning from real user behavior today!

Heap is a web analytics platform that captures and coordinates customer touchpoints to make better choices

Adobe Analytics is industry-leading software that allows businesses to track the effect of customer interaction. 

MixPanel is an advanced analytics platform that analyzes user data in real-time.

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