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Whale’s strength is its design focus, which allows users to customize their skins and provides a plethora of clocks and tiles to view when opening a new tab. Whale iterates on all of the leading browser’s functionality and more.

Naver Whale Features

  • On Whale, a slew of tools neatly tucked into a sidebar enable in-browser translation using Naver’s neural machine translator Papago, while the Belly feature (whose icon is, for some reason, shaped like a whale’s tail) serves as a repository for snippets such as social media posts, YouTube videos, images, and news.
  • A screenshot feature that allows users to capture images from websites and instantly store them in-browser, as well as a memo feature for jotting down quick text notes, are particularly useful.
  • Possibly the coolest feature of Whale is “omnitasking” — a split-screen mode that allows you to view two websites in the same tab, separated by an adjustable divider. Consider not having to switch between tabs or open multiple windows, which clog and slow down your computer.
  • Additionally, users can conduct a “quick search” of a particular word in Whale by dragging it within the browser and immediately viewing the results in a pop-up window. Whale also integrates with Naver’s artificially intelligent translation app Papago, which allows for the translation of foreign languages such as English and Chinese into Korean.
  • Additionally, Whale includes a voice recognition feature that processes spoken commands, as well as a feature that reads the text on a webpage aloud for users.

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Latest update: June 9, 2022

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