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Polarity Browser is a secure, fast, and customizable web browser application. It utilizes Google’s Chromium and Microsoft’s Trident to provide the most up-to-date web standards.

Perhaps the most notable of Polarity Browser’s features is its security. While false positives may suggest otherwise, numerous users have reported that this browser is safe to use. The app is built on the Web of Trust, which makes it a secure environment for browsing. It includes a security information window that displays the score and certificate information for each website you visit. Polarity Browser notifies users when they visit a malicious website. It even blocks those determined to be 100 percent infected by the WOT. Polarity Browser also includes tools for defending against web service surveillance. This app includes built-in proxy/VPN support to assist you in protecting your online identity, as well as the ability to specify a specific IP address and port for the browser to use. Additionally, it features sandboxing, which prevents malware from installing or running malicious code. Additionally, it includes a cookie manager for managing and deleting cookies stored on your system. Additionally, as with other browsers, you can use the private mode, which deletes all history, cookies, and cache. Additionally, Polarity includes cutting-edge filters that eliminate intrusive and malicious advertisements from your content. This reduces your risk of infection and enables you to conserve data and power.

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Latest update: August 15, 2022

Naver Whale is a free browser made by Naver Corporation in South Korea.

Wexond is an open-source, privacy-focused, aesthetically pleasing, and extensible web browser that introduces a completely new user experience.

The Puffin Web Browser is a lightning-fast mobile web browser. It features a next-generation rendering engine that accelerates loading times to new levels. Surfing the web has never been easier than it is with Puffin.

Dolphin Browser is the most intelligent mobile web browser available, allowing you to interact and engage with the web in the simplest, most intuitive way possible through your mobile device.

Basilisk is a free and Open Source XUL-based web browser with a familiar Firefox-like interface and operation.

One of the smallest and fastest web browsers available for Android. It is a high-performance, compact Internet browser designed for those who dislike the size of Firefox or Chromium.

UC mobile provides free and simple-to-use browsers for nearly all mobile devices.

Slimjet is a lightweight, fast, and intelligent web browser built on the Blink engine. It is based on the open source Chromium project.

Otter Browser is a Qt5-based project aimed at recreating the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI.

Cent Browser is an enhanced version of the Chromium web browser that comes pre-installed with a slew of useful features.

Apple Safari is a Web browser that is available for the Macintosh and Windows operating systems, as well as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad mobile devices.

Brave is a private browser with an integrated VPN that enables users to browse securely and privately without being interrupted by advertisements.

Vivaldi is a freeware, cross-platform web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies,

Chromium is a Google Chrome project that is an open source operating system in and of itself. Chromium is the best web browser for web developers to learn how to code and to keep their searches secure.

Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform web browser developed by Microsoft.

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser that was developed in 2002 by the Mozilla Foundation. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google from the open source chromium project

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