Seekmetrics offers free tools for social media, productivity, SEO, and web

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Seekmetrics offers a collection of tools for social media, web, and SEO

Tools offered by Seekmetrics

Hashtag Generator
Generate popular hashtag suggestions to use on Instagram & TikTok.

Youtube Channel Tags
Find the list of all thatTags that are being used by any channel on their videos

Instagram Fonts
Generate thousands of cool fonts to use in your Instagram bio.

Banned Hashtags
Provides the list of all the banned hashtags on Instagram

Instagram Eng Calculator
Helps you to find the Instagram engagement rate

Social Share Checker
Find the social shares for any website URL

Trending Twitter Topics
Discover what topics and hashtags are currently trending on Twitter today

TikTok Eng Calculator
Discover the engagement rate for TikTok based on the views

TikTok Money Calculator
Find how much money you will be able to make using TikTok

Youtube Money Calculator
Find how much money you will be able to make on Youtube

Twitter Fonts
Use this to add different font styles to your Twitter bio and tweets.

Instagram Line Break
Add multiple line breaks to your Instagram captions

Quote Generator
Allows you to generate thousands of image quotes to use on Instagram & Twitter

Background Noises
Create the perfect background environment for focus and relaxation

Compress JPEG Images
Compress JPEG images up to 90% without losing quality

Compress PNG Images
Compress PNG images upto 90% without losing quality

JPEG to PNG Converter
Convert images from JPEG to PNG format

PNG to JPEG Converter
Convert images from PNG to JPEG format

Website Screen Capture
Allows you to take a full-length screenshot of any webpage

Meta Tag Generator
Generate Meta Tags for any website

PNG to Base64
Convert PNG to Base 64 encoded data

JPEG to Base64
Convert JPEG to Base 64 encoded data

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