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SmartLook is a reliable visitor recording tool and analytics tool that helps you to see your website and mobile app through the visitors’ eyes. It’s a programmed event tracking tool that lets you comprehend your user’s activities. It upgrades the client experience and improves the nature of the help that you give. You can install the Smartlook on your website and mobile app to start tracking the visitors.

You can also see what visitors are doing on the website, where visitors click, how long visitors spend on the website, which pages visitors browse, and what contents they see.

Features of SmartLook

User Recording

User Recording help to assess how upset, lost or confused are your website visitors. What kind of issues they have and what changes should be made to enhance their experience

By making use of the recording, you should be able to see your website or app as your visitors see it. You should be able to understand what your website visitors are clicking and what pages or sections of your website or app are they visiting


Heatmaps can be very useful tools for many purposes. Visually viewing aggregate data helps one to quickly evaluate what works and what doesn’t work. You see where people click. You clearly see where the mouse goes. And you can see how far any users scroll a page.

It’s fascinating to see the website’s features and how critical functional areas are being overlooked. Heatmaps allow you to recognize design issues. They assist you in improving your website.

We use them in order to obtain approval for website improvements. The visual design of heatmaps is useful for all to understand and that’s why they can be used with user recordings to compare them. Thus, from advanced Google Analytics reports.

Types of a heatmap that SmartLook offers

  • Click heatmap – This allows you to track where people click on your website or apps
  • Move heatmap – This allows you to track where people move their mouse.
  • Scroll heatmap – This allows you to find out how much your visitors scroll a page


Tracking events can help you find replays of certain website interactions. This may be quite a lot. To visit any website, to click on a button, or to use a feature.


To find people who did not finish a move, you can use funnels. Watch people face the same dilemma, fix it and increase conversion time and time again.

GDPR Compliant

SmartLook is fully compliant with GDPR norms

Quick and Easy Set-Up

Can be easily set up on websites using a simple code snippet and to set it up on the mobile apps you need to make use of the SDK provided by SmartLook

Easy integration with other tools

Can be integrated with Intercom, Mixpanel, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, WordPress

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Latest update: October 4, 2022

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Woopra is a customer analytic platform that helps understand the customer through multiple contact points across different devices.

Looker is a cloud-based business intelligence platform designed to analyze and explore the data.

Chartbeat is a content analytics platform that can be used by agencies, media companies to monitor and optimize the content.

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that tracks and reports website traffic

Hotjar is an analytics tool which provides Heatmaps, Recordings, Surveys & More. Sign up for a 15-day free trial and start learning from real user behavior today!

Heap is a web analytics platform that captures and coordinates customer touchpoints to make better choices

Adobe Analytics is industry-leading software that allows businesses to track the effect of customer interaction. 

MixPanel is an advanced analytics platform that analyzes user data in real-time.

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