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SoundCloud is a music and audio streaming service. It’s been described as the internet’s first “social radio” platform.

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SoundCloud is a content-sharing site for DJs, sound engineers, and audiophiles, featuring more than 175 million tracks by artists including Jimi Hendrix, Robbie Robertson, and Glenn Branca, among many others. Over time the service began attracting all sorts of musicians, including fashion designers and artists, as well as the entertainment industry at large.

The SoundCloud platform is powerful in terms of sharing and discovering new music and sounds.

Key Highlights

  • SoundCloud is a website for online audio streaming and sharing that allows users to access, download, promote, and share music and podcasts.
  • SoundCloud is free, with paying subscriptions providing fans with ad-free streaming and offline listening choices.
  • SoundCloud is available as a desktop application as well as smartphone applications for iOS and Android.

How do you make use of SoundCloud?

As an Artist

Make a living as an artist. Upload tracks and post them on social media. Promote your releases, interact with customers, and raise money until you are able to monetize. Create a free account or upgrade to Pro Unlimited to gain access to our best-in-class software.

As a listener

Discover new music and share your favorites on your social networks. Help your favorite artists by commenting, reposting, and liking their songs. With a Go+ account, you can also save an infinite amount of songs and playlists for ad-free, offline listening.

Sound Cloud Features

Listen to and curate songs

Browse by genre, see what’s common, make playlists, and more. When it comes to listening to, watching, and posting songs, SoundCloud is close to other music platforms.

Play a track and use the toolbar to monitor playback. You can use things like shuffle and repeat, upload, repost, or like an album, and add songs to a playlist or the Next Up queue.

You will also track musicians to stay up to date with their new music, get updates while engaging with others, and check your listening history to revisit songs you enjoy.

As you progress from simply listening to being a curator, you will have a large following of other users who share your musical tastes.

Produce Music

Upload your track, use the mastering app, and share it with the world. SoundCloud has a dedicated area on the web for artists to take advantage of the resources at their disposal.

Embed Widgets

SoundCloud offers widgets and apps that can be used by anyone to embed the widgets on their websites and blog

Create Playlists

SoundCloud allows anyone to create playlists on web or mobile and add tracks to it

SoundCloud Subscription Plans

SoundCloud Pro

SoundCloud Pro is a paid service for artists offered by SoundCloud. SoundCloud Pro enables users to access up to six hours of audio which has extra functionality such as improved analytics and the option to delete track feedback. The Pro Infinite rate allows for an unlimited number of uploads.

SoundCloud Go

SoundCloud Go is a subscription-based music listening service that delivers an ad-free experience, offline listening, and incorporates licensed songs from major labels into the service’s current, user-uploaded material.

3 Best Alternatives to SoundCloud

Google Play Music is a free music streaming app from Google is a music streaming website that allows users to stream music and listen to curated playlists

Spotify, a music streaming service that allows people to listen to music through their phones, computer, televisions, consoles or MP3 player

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