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Tumblr is a social networking website where users can post and share their own creations with a wide array of options and features, such as posting to a personal blog or publication, following one another, posting on a group blog, and managing

Tumblr Features

Its Free
Tumblr is completely free to use. You can make a new Tumblr blog in minutes, start uploading photos or videos and then try to set up your blog theme. If you want to set up custom RSS feeds or microblogging, then this is your chance to do it for free. All Tumblr blogs are setup the same way

Social Media Integration
Tumblr integrates with Facebook and Twitter in a single dashboard. Posts that you make to your Tumblr blog can be automatically linked to from your associated Facebook and Twitter accounts. Users can toggle on or off the setting of multiple posts on the site by using the icons located in various parts of the site.

Custom Design
There are lots of interesting themes that you can customize for your Tumblr blogs. You can install any theme that you choose to your Tumblelog. It is a customize blog since Tumblr is easily customizable. This is a great tool for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd or write an interesting blog post.

Custom Domain Name
Your blog can utilize your unique domain name so that it is personalized. Tumblelog will make your brand appear more professional.

We can even invite multiple people to the same Tumblelog. They are easily able to submit posts, which they can review and approve before they are published. These types of collaborations are easier to do on Tumblr because of its rich engagement features. Give everyone the right to post contents of your Tumblr blog.

Scheduling Posts, Queues and Drafts
On Tumblr blog posts can be published soon or later. Being able to schedule your discussions saves a great deal of time. Blog posts can also be set to be private and invisible to everyone except for members of the blog.

SEO Capabilities
Tumblr uses a variety of functions to ensure your Tumblelog will have a place on the search engines by implementing SEO techniques. This will happen without any additional effort on your part. If you choose the right SEO details, then you will get more traffic on your Tumblr blog and have more interaction, too.

3rd Party Apps Support
There are many third-party apps available that can be added to your Tumblelog with even more features. There are entertaining apps that let you add speech bubbles with text and images, apps that publish on Tumblr from an iPhone or iPad, apps that can publish Instagram images from Flickr, and more.

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