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WAPT allows anyone to perform load testing of websites, mobile applications, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems, online API services, and Internet of Things platforms. It offer a comprehensive portfolio of components that can increase the test volume up to 1 million concurrent virtual users.

WAPT has a straightforward technique to test design by recording real-world online sessions through a browser or mobile application. Each recorded session is represented as a sequence of HTTP requests, which is easy to comprehend and change via a graphical user interface.

Emulation is accomplished by producing several instances of your original session. Each new session is unique, and the entire simulation is realistic, thanks to dynamic values injected into it. Because the majority of these insertions are performed automatically, you just need to define how application-specific data should be handled. While scripting is not essential, it may be utilized to address unusually complex situations. This methodology enables you to rapidly create tests. After a brief introduction to the tool, a simple test scenario can be constructed in minutes.

Test findings are supplied in the form of descriptive graphs and report tables for your study and analysis. They demonstrate how your system’s performance varies according to the load generated over various test periods. Additional information is available in the extensive test logs, which are easily readable and navigable via the integrated viewer. The ability to dynamically alter the execution choices in order to isolate each potential system bottleneck enables you to complete the testing in the quickest amount of time.

Features of WAPT

  • Create tests using a browser or a mobile application
  • Remote, distributed, and cloud-based testing
  • Server and database performance monitoring
  • Flexible error handling and adjustable pass/fail criteria
  • Charts with instant test results available at run time
  • Customizable test report with over 20 tables
  • Support of all major web development frameworks

16 Best Alternatives to WAPT

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The best developer tool to load test your web applications

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Loader.io is a completely free load testing tool that enables you to stress test your web applications and APIs with thousands of concurrent connections.

Load testing is a website testing tool to test the load on a website

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