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You can publish, manage, and monetize your game from this panel, which is divided into three sections. Game developers can use its all-in-one service to host their games so they can share them with their friends. Publishers can earn money by selling their games through the monetization section. Free, developer, and pro are all available as options.

The price goes up and the features get better with each plan. Wisp.gg allows you to make your game free to play by purchasing a development plan. In the final section, there is a Publisher mode that enables developers to quickly and easily publish their games. Developers don’t have to worry about anything because Wisp.gg takes care of everything. You may want to think about Wisp.gg as a Wisp.com alternative.

29 Wisp.gg Alternatives and similar sites.

The best Wisp.gg alternatives based on verified reviews and community votes.

Latest update: October 5, 2022

With its uncompromising performance and compatibility with Spigot Plugins, PaperMC is a cutting-edge next-generation server for Minecraft.

To maximise your online gaming experience, Minehut is a free hosting platform for Minecraft servers designed specifically for the community.

Aternos is a server-creation software for Minecraft that makes it easier for players to play with their friends and enjoy their gaming experience.

In addition to a free Minecraft server, Kingdoms.gg also offers cloud storage.

Mineserver is an open-source programme that makes it simple to set up Minecraft servers and download Minigames and maps.

An all-in-one Minecraft server system, TridentSDK has extensive support for plugins that can be used in gaming servers.

Using Server.pro, you can enjoy a better online gaming experience with your friends and family thanks to its simple setup and easy-to-use features.

In addition to Java and Bedrock editions, GGServers is an all-in-one Minecraft server hosting software that provides extensive support.

Spigot, a leading digital marketing platform, provides advertisers and media partners with extensive results.

A free and open-source software, Bukkit, offers a variety of ways to extend the multiplayer servers of Minecraft

No Mojang code is required, and you can use the APIs you prefer with Glowstone, a legitimate Minecraft server.

Marketing and operational analytics can be supported by Sponge, allowing you to go beyond random marketing campaigns.

There are two types of Minecraft Servers: those owned by players and those owned by businesses that host multiplayer games for the Minecraft Java Edition.

As a C++ game server written specifically for Minecraft, Cuberite can easily take the place of Vanilla in terms of ease of use and flexibility.

Using Triangle.gs, you can play Minecraft games with your friends on a server that is completely free of charge.

You can contribute your own plugins to the Spigot library with Spigotmc, a multi-purpose, open-source customised Minecraft server API.

By following these four simple steps, you can set up a fully-functioning Minecraft server.

Minecraft server administrators can use the free and open-source McMyAdmin web interface.

It is one of the best Minecraft servers and administration panels.

Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, War of Nations, and other popular games can be played on Garena Plus’s server.

Game server management with the Pterodactyl panel and database is completely free and open-source.

Hosting Minecraft servers with MC Server Soft is a one-stop shop for all your needs. You can get up and running quickly thanks to its simple server-starting setup, ease of configuration, and simple features.

CRUX, the ultimate solution for managing a Minecraft server via the web and with in-game commands, is provided by MineOS CRUX.

A popular plugin for Minecraft multiplayer games, MCMMO brings a slew of new features to the table.

Using Minecraft Server Hibernation, you can automatically start and stop your Minecraft server whenever players join or leave the game.

Awesomeservers.io is a platform that offers a custom panel, game boost, communication, and more on their servers.

An open-source game server control panel called Bright Game Panel makes it simple to keep track of a number of servers at once.

You can use SpaceBukkit to manage and maintain your Minecraft server’s logs and metrics through a web administration panel.

Administrators can use CWMyAdmin to manage CubeWorld servers by creating, editing, and deleting worlds; players; blocks; and much more.

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